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Themes for bridal shower invitations

Many people today that are planning a bridal shower are turning to themes. This can be a very fun and exciting event, not for only the bride to be but for her family and friends as well. If you decide on a themed bridal shower, you will desire the bridal shower invitations to match the theme that you have chosen.

Some of the most popular themed bridal shower invitations include pampering the bride with the bridal shower invitation explaining what type of gifts to bring that will of course pamper the bride. On the bridal shower invitation, you can use images of spa’s, bathing etc.

Another popular bridal shower invitation is one that caters to the honeymoon. If you know the destination, you can use that on your invitation and have the guests bring gifts that will be used on the honeymoon.

Other popular bridal shower invitations that match the themed bridal shower include lingerie, tea party, ethnic, garden party, month of the year, favorite memories, pajamas, stock the pantry, season of the year, and room of the house.

Each one of these themed bridal shower invitations explain to the guests what type of gifts should be brought by each person so there will be no duplicates. Using the bridal shower invitations to coordinate in color and theme can be almost as much as the party itself. The images, colors, and font used on the invitations will set the mood for the entire bridal shower. Therefore, you must choose all of these items carefully to ensure that the bridal shower goes as planned. 2016