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Irey within ten

This is encouraging and surprising at the same time. Redstate is reporting that a Public Opinion Strategies poll commissioned by the campaign has Diane Irey within ten points of knocking off incumbent liberal John Murtha in PA’s 12th Congressional District. Irey’s polling currently has the race at Murtha: 55%, Irey: 45%. The campaign has not released the poll’s internals for good reason. I heard Diane yesterday being interviewed yesterday on Altoona’s WRTA radio and she stated that her polling was encouraging but that they would not release internals because the poll was basically a roadmap to their victory.

Many people thought that Murtha was unbeatable, including Murtha. It appears that Murtha jumped the shark with his comments regarding the Pendleton 8, and the Democrats would be wise to take a lesson from his missteps. The public may be disappointed with the war effort in Iraq, but it doesn’t mean that they’re ready to hand the country over to appeasers and politicians that appear to be giving cover to our enemy. Hopefully the momentum, which is strongly in the Irey campaign’s favor, continues and carries Diane to victory on November 7.

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