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No Medical Exam Life Insurance


Many life insurance companies are now making no medical exam life insurance policies available. As the name suggests, no medical exam life insurance policies are those that do not require going through a medical examination before being approved for coverage. This type of coverage is more convenient for the insured, as it means no time has to be wasted with visiting the doctor’s office for a physical.

It is important to note that no medical exam life insurance should not be viewed as a type of automatic coverage that a person with a chronic or potentially fatal illness should pursue. In fact, there are exclusions regarding eligibility for no medical exam life insurance. For example, individuals with AIDS, HIV, cancer, ARC, heart disease, history of stroke, lung disorders, liver disease, diabetes, mental disorders, nervous disorders, and psychological disorders are not eligible for this type of coverage. If you lie on your application and deny having one of these disorders, your claim will not be paid in the event of your death. So, save yourself the time and money of paying into a policy if you have a disorder that is documented.

Since there are so many life insurance companies that now offer no medical exam life insurance coverage, it is a wise decision to shop around and to compare offers before settling on a policy. Also, be certain to deal with a reputable company, as there are still some scam artists out there that try to take advantage of others by offering this insurance and taking off with your money.

In most cases, applying for no medical exam life insurance is a simple process. In fact, many companies allow applicants to complete their applications online. Whether filling out an application online or on paper, you will be asked a series of questions about your medical history. You will also be asked your age and your gender so the insurance company can compute your level of risk and determine whether or not you qualify for coverage.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be in perfect health to qualify. So long as you are generally in good health, you shouldn’t have a problem qualifying for the coverage. If you are a smoker or are overweight, however, you can expect to pay more for your premiums.

Don’t attempt to lie about your weight or about the fact that you are a smoker – more than likely, there are records indicating your weight. In addition, simple blood tests can be performed to determine if you are a smoker. If you pass away and one of these tests is performed – and you claimed to be a non-smoker – your policy can be invalidated. Always tell the truth when getting a policy in order to guarantee the coverage is there when it is needed.

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